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Captain Services


Boat Consulting Services

Let Us Find Your Perfect Boat

To find your perfect boat you need to consider numerous factors:

  • Your level of boating experience, and on what types of boats
  • How you want to use your boat
  • Where you want to moor your boat
  • Your price range
  • Whether you want sail or power
  • What style of boat you favor
  • What capacity do you need

With all these questions, what you need is an UNBIASED partner who listens to your dreams and desires, and will look WORLDWIDE for the perfect boat. 

Captain Trevor et al. will use a scientific-based approach to help you choose the perfect boat for you.


With over 30 years in the sailing and power boating industry, Captain Trevor has contacts who will honestly and accurately survey your new boat to make sure you there are no big surprises. You can count on our professionalism and expertise and ensuring you get the best value and return on investment.

Equipment Consultant

With many years as the manager at the Offshore Store and Seawide Marine Distribution, Trevor is more than qualified to offer consultation on what equipment you may need for various voyages—from day trips across the lake to off-shore trips down to Panama. We look forward to helping you outfit your boat to meet your dreams.


Captain Services


Need your boat moved port to port? Let Right Hull manage the stress and docking at your new berth, whether across the lake, Puget Sound or up to the San Juan Islands.

Long-Range Deliveries

The Pacific Coast can be treacherous. Right Hull captains are experienced off-shore boaters and can deliver your boat up or down the Pacific Coast safely, from Canada to Mexico. 

Hire a Captain for Social Outings

Let Right Hull’s certified captains take the risk out of social outings, leaving you free to enjoy your guests and your party.


Sales Consulting

With our proven multi-pronged marketing strategy involving traditional media, social media and old-fashioned “picking up the phone”, we’ll get you results fast.

Training Services

Basic and Advanced Training

Now that you have found your perfect boat, it’s sometimes a little overwhelming knowing how to proceed. Don’t worry! Trevor is on your side. Captain Trevor provides expert instruction on boat handling in varied conditions and review all onboard systems in depth regarding operation and recommended maintenance. Contact Trevor to obtain a high-level curriculum on topics we generally cover.

Insurance Mandated Training

More and more insurance companies are requiring new boat owners receive training on their new vessel. Right Hull is certified to provide that training and we offer competitive rates.